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Suzi Lyon

I am an Australian with a British Passport having spent 13 years living in the UK, I am an ex police officer, mother of two and proud procrastinator. My husband's work brought us to Switzerland in 2014, and from here I have learnt a few things about myself - I like talking and I like not working. I haven't quite mastered the German language yet, but I'm sure after 10 more years I'll be able to string a sentence together...

I love being in Switzerland and I'm super excited to be making this podcast for expats, for those who want to know what its like living away from friends and family and for those that just miss my sweet and soothing voice! 

Don Delco

In the summer of 2016 my wife was offered a job in the land of chocolate, cheese and lederhosen. After some convincing, she decided to bring along our two kids and me. We made the move from Ohio to Switzerland after a few stressful months the adjustment has been made. Still, living in a new country for the first time continues to be a learning experience each and every day.

I hope to share those experiences — good and bad — or until Suzi comes to her senses. I mean, I can't understand why she gets bored when I talk golf or Cleveland sports? (That's honestly all I know.)